The CCNA presently comprises 350+ Researchers and 48 Principal
Applicants across Canada.

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Interested in joining the CCNA?

The Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) recognizes the vital role that collaboration plays in advancing research in the areas of dementia prevention, treatment, and improving the quality of life of people living with dementia. We welcome all researchers working in the areas of aging, dementia, and neurodegeneration, both in Canada and internationally, to join in our efforts.


Affiliation with the CCNA provides access to the following:

  • CCNA’s resource network
  • Members-only forums and communities
  • CCNA-related funding opportunities

Process for individual researchers:

Determine which component(s) of the CCNA best fit with your research interests (i.e. Team, Platform, and/or a Cross-Cutting program (CCP)).

Approach the leader of that particular Team, Platform or CCP and inform him or her of your interest in joining and how you see yourself participating in the Team, Platform, or CCP.

The leader will assess based on rightness of fit within their scope of work. If the leader accepts the application, s/he will notify the Research Executive Committee of your inclusion into the Team/Platform/CCP within the CCNA.

Process for groups of researchers:

If your group is working on a topic that is not already represented within the CCNA and wishes to join, please approach the Research Executive Committee directly through the CCNA Central Administration to request inclusion within the CCNA.
The hope is that the CCNA will grow and adapt over time – that individuals and groups will join and expand the research scope of this consortium, while benefiting from collaboration with other members.

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