Podcast Featuring Dr. Carol Greenwood: “What’s good for the body is good for the brain”

In a recent podcast with the Alternative Food Network (AFN), the CCNA’s nutrition expert, Dr. Carol Greenwood discussed how good nutrition throughout the lifespan supports the health of the body and the brain.

What does a healthy diet include?

According to Greenwood’s research, a Mediterranean diet of lean proteins (like fish), complex carbohydrates (like lentils), vegetables (leafy greens), and fruits (berries) is the ideal diet to nurture and support brain health.

It’s important, Greenwood explained, “to recognize that we need to feed our brain throughout our lifespan. Normally, when we start to talk about people being concerned about their brain health, their memory, their cognition, we’re usually targeting people who are in their senior years, when they’re fearful in terms of dementia. But we’re increasingly getting evidence that it’s equally as important for children. … We know the brain is pliable; it’s responsive to positive lifestyle the same way we know that the brain is adversely affected by poor lifestyle choices, and these things are consistent across our lifespan.”

Want to learn more?

To access a copy of Dr. Greenwood’s Brain Health Food Guide – developed in collaboration with her research team  – click here.

Learn more about nutrition, exercise, and cognitive reserve from the CCNA’s recent event, Dementia Risk Reduction: What the research tells us  (September 30, 2018) – available in French and English. You can livestream by clicking here.

To listen to the full AFN podcast, click here.