Pre-announcement: Network Centres of Excellence in Neurodegeneration (CoEN) Initiative: Pathfinder III

Attention CCNA members: As the Canadian Consortium for Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) is the Centre of Excellence in neurodegeneration for Canada, ONLY CCNA researchers are eligible to apply as principal investigators.


Anticipated Launch: June 2017

Anticipated Application Deadline: September 2017

Anticipated Funding Start Date: December 2017



This new call for Pathfinder projects is being launched by eight CoEN member countries, and seeks to address the need for innovative research to underpin new approaches to therapeutic intervention.


To maximize the potential for innovation, the scientific remit for Pathfinder awards is broad in scope. Projects may include studies to illuminate our understanding of neurodegenerative mechanisms, or create technological advances to support novel diagnostic or therapeutic approaches. Connectivity with research in related areas, such as inflammation and sensory neuroscience, or vascular and mental health is encouraged, as is outreach to experts in the fields of physical and computational science.


Key Characteristics of Pathfinder Awards:

  • Proof of principle and high risk / high pay off studies with clear deliverables
  • Imaginative approaches to interdisciplinary and industry partnering encouraged
  • Leverage of existing CoE infrastructure in neurodegeneration research
  • Maximum of 24 month funding period
  • Could not be funded via other schemes of CoEN partners


This initiative will build on the strength of at least two partner countries to provide true value-added collaborative efforts that will advance our approach to neurodegeneration research.


More information about this funding opportunity will be available on ResearchNet once launched.


The 2015 CoEN funding results can be found here: