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DNA methylation age-acceleration is associated with disease duration and age at onset in C9orf72 patients
Zhang M, Tartaglia MC, Moreno D, Sato C, McKeever P, Weichert A, Keith J, Robertson J, Zinman L, Rogaeva E Acta Neuropathologica
Motor function and incident dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Kueper J.K., Speechley M., Lingum N.R., Montero-Odasso M. Age and Ageing
The prevalence and biomarkers’ characteristic of rapidly progressive Alzheimer’s disease from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative database
Ba M, Li X, Ng KP, Pascoal TA, Mathotaarachchi S, Rosa-Neto P, Gauthier S, Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging I Alzheimer's & Dementia
Resting-state network dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Badhwar, A., Tam, A., Dansereau, C., Orban, P., Hoffstaedter, F., & Bellec, P. Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring
Integrating sex and gender into neurodegeneration research: A six-component strategy
Mary C. Tierney, Ashley F. Curtis, Howard Chertkow, R. Jane Rylett Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions
Guidelines for Gait Assessments in the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA)
Cullen S., Montero-Odasso M., Bherer L., Almeida Q., Fraser S., Muir-Hunter S.W., Li K., Liu-Ambrose T., McGibbon C., McIlroy W., Middleton L., Sarquis-Adamson Y., Morais J.A., Beauchet O., McFadyen B.J., Camicioli R. and The Canadian Gait and Cognition Network Canadian Geriatrics Journal, 2018, In press
Canadian Consensus Guidelines on Use of Amyloid Imaging in Canada: Update and Future Directions from the Specialized Task Force on Amyloid imaging in Canada
Authors: Laforce R, Rosa-Neto P, Soucy JP, Rabinovici GD, Dubois B, Gauthier S Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
Antipsychotic Use in Dementia: Is There a Problem and Are There Solutions?
Kirkham J, Sherman C, Velkers C, Maxwell C, Gill S, Rochon P, Seitz D Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
FUS Phase Separation Is Modulated by a Molecular Chaperone and Methylation of Arginine Cation-π Interactions
Qamar S., Wang G., Randle S.J., Ruggeri F.S., Varela J.A., Lin J.Q., Phillips E.C., Miyashita A., Williams D., Strohl F., Meadows W., Ferry R., Dardov V.J., Tartaglia G.G., Farrer L.A., Kaminski Schierle G.S., Kaminski C.F., Holt C.E., Fraser P.E., Schmitt-Ulms G., Klenerman D., Knowles T., Vendruscolo M., St George-Hyslop P. Cell
Ethical Considerations for the Use of Next-Generation Alzheimer Drugs in Symptomatic and At-Risk Patients
Authors: Gauthier S, Rosa-Neto P, Kass JS Continuum
Showing 1 to 10 of 29 Publications