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A systematic review of intervention approaches for driving cessation in older adults
Rapoport MJ, Cameron DH, Sanford S, Naglie G, on behalf of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging Driving and Dementia Team The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
Aerobic Glycolysis in the Frontal Cortex Correlates with Memory Performance in Wild-Type Mice But Not the APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Cerebral Amyloidosis
Authors: Harris RA, Tindale L, Lone A, Singh O, Macauley SL, Stanley M, Holtzman DM, Bartha R, Cumming R Journal of Neuroscience
Analysis of C9orf72 in patients with frontotemporal dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis from Argentina
Authors: Itzcovich T, Xi Z, Martinetto H, Chrem-Mendez P, Russo MJ, de Ambrosi B, Uchitel OD, Nogues M, Silva E, Rojas G, Bagnatti P, Amengual A, Campos J, Rogaeva E, St George-Hyslop P, Allegri R, Sevlever G, Surace EI Neurobiology of Aging
Analysis of C9orf72 repeat expansions in a large international cohort of dementia with Lewy bodies
Kun-Rodrigues C, Ross OA, Orme T, Shepherd C, Parkkinen L, Darwent L, Hernandez D, Ansorge O, Clark LN, Honig LS, Marder K, Lemstra A, Scheltens P, van der Flier W, Louwersheimer E, Holstege H, Rogaeva E, St George-Hyslop P, Londos E, Zetterberg H, Barber I, Braae A, Brown K, Morgan K, Maetzler W, Berg D, Troakes C, Al-Sarraj S, Lashley T, Holton J, Compta Y, Van Deerlin V, Trojanowski JQ, Serrano GE, Beach TG, Clarimon J, Lleo A, Morenas-Rodriguez E, Lesage S, Galasko D, Masliah E, Santana I, Diez M, Pastor P, Tienari PJ, Myllykangas L, Oinas M, Revesz T, Lees A, Boeve BF, Petersen RC, Ferman TJ, Escott-Price V, Graff-Radford N, Cairns NJ, Morris JC, Stone DJ, Pickering-Brown S, Mann D, Dickson DW, Halliday GM, Singleton A, Guerreiro R, Bras J Neurobiology of Aging
Antipsychotic Use in Dementia: Is There a Problem and Are There Solutions?
Kirkham J, Sherman C, Velkers C, Maxwell C, Gill S, Rochon P, Seitz D Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
Association of Dual-Task Gait With Incident Dementia in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Manuel M. Montero-Odasso, Yanina Sarquis-Adamson, Mark Speechley, Michael J. Borrie, Vladimir C. Hachinski, Jennie Wells, Patricia M. Riccio, Marcelo Schapira, Ervin Sejdic, Richard M. Camicioli, Robert Bartha, William E. McIlroy, Susan Muir-Hunter JAMA Neurology
C9orf72 and ATXN2 repeat expansions coexist in a family with ataxia, dementia, and parkinsonism.
Zhang M, Xi Z, Misquitta K, Sato C, Moreno D, Liang Y, Slow E, Rogaeva E, Tartaglia MC Movement Disorders
Canadian Consensus Guidelines on Use of Amyloid Imaging in Canada: Update and Future Directions from the Specialized Task Force on Amyloid imaging in Canada
Authors: Laforce R, Rosa-Neto P, Soucy JP, Rabinovici GD, Dubois B, Gauthier S Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
Changes in Frailty Predict Changes in Cognition in Older Men: The Honolulu-Asia Aging Study
Authors: Armstrong JJ, Godin J, Launer LJ, White LR, Mitnitski A, Rockwood K, Andrew MK Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
Combination Therapy of Anti-Tau and Anti-Amyloid Drugs for Disease Modification in Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease: Socio-Economic Considerations Modeled on Treatments for Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer
Authors: Tomaszewski S, Gauthier S, Wimo A, Rosa-Neto P. The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
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