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The Canadian Dementia Imaging Protocol: Harmonizing national cohorts Duchesne, S.**, Chouinard, I.**, Potvin, O., Fonov, V.S., Khademi, A.**, Bartha, R.**, Bellec, P.**, Collins, D.L.**, Descoteaux, M.**, Hoge, R., McCreary, C.R., Ramirez, J., Scott, C.J.M., Smith, E.E., Strother, S.C., Black, S.E. 2018
In vivo quantification of neurofibrillary tangles with [(18)F]MK-6240 Pascoal, T. A.*, Shin, M.*, Kang, M. S., Chamoun, M., Chartrand, D., Mathotaarachchi, S.*, Bennacef, I., Therriault, J.**, Ng, K. P., Hopewell, R., Bouhachi, R., Hsiao, H. H., Benedet, A. L.*, Soucy, J. P.**, Massarweh, G., Gauthier, S.**, & Rosa-Neto, P.** 2018 Alzheimer's Research and Therapy
Frequency of loss of function variants in LRRK2 in Parkinson Disease Blauwendraat, C., Reed, X., Kia, D.A., Gan-Or, Z.**, Lesage, S., Pihlstrom, L., Guerreiro, R., Gibbs, J.R., Sabir M., Ahmed, S., Ding, J., Alcalay, R.N., Frequency of Loss of Function Variants in LRRK2 in Parkinson Disease. Hassin-Baer, S., Pittma,n A.M., Brooks, J., Edsall, C., Hernandez, D.G., Chung, S.J., Goldwurm, S., Toft, M., Schulte, C., Bras, J., Wood, N.W., Brice, A., Morris, H.R., Scholz, S.W., Nalls, M.A., Singleton, A.B., Cookson, M.R., for the COURAGE-PD Consortium, the French Parkinson's Disease Consortium, & the International Parkinson's Disease Genomics Consortium. 2018 JAMA Neurology
Consent recommendations for research and international data sharing involving persons with dementia 2018 Alzheimer's & Dementia
Patient engagement in research related to dementia: a scoping review Bethell, J.*, Commisso, E., Rostad, H.M., Puts, M., Babineau, J., Grinbergs-Saull, A., Wighton, M.B., Hammel, J., Doyle, E.**, Nadeau, S.** & McGilton K.S.** In press Dementia
Full sequencing and haplotype analysis of MAPT in Parkinson’s disease and rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder Li, J., Ruskey, J.A., Arnulf, I., Dauvilliers, Y., Hu, M.T.M., Hogl, B., Leblond, C.S., Zhou, S., Ambalavanan, A., Ross, J.P., Bourassa, C.V., Spiegelman, D., Laurent, S.B., Stefani, A., Charley Monaca, C., Cochen De Cock, V., Boivin, M., Ferini-Strambi, L., Plazzi, G., Antelmi, E., Young, P., Heidbreder, A., Labbe, C., Ferman, T.J., Dion, P.A., Fan, D., Desautels, A., Gagnon, J.F.**, Dupre, N.**, Fon, E.A.**, Montplaisir, J.Y., Boeve, B.F., Postuma, R.B.**, Rouleau, G.A.**, Ross, O.A., & Gan-Or, Z.** 2018 Movement Disorders
LRRK2 protective haplotype and full sequencing study in REM sleep behavior disorder Ouled, A.B.B., Ruskey, J.A., Arnulf, I., Dauvilliers, Y., Monaca, C.C., De Cock, V.C., Gagnon, J.F., Spiegelman, D., Hu, M.T.M., Hogl, B., Stefani, A., Ferini-Strambi, L., Plazzi, G., Antelmi, E., Young, P., Heidbreder, A., Mollenhauer, B., Sixel-Doring, F., Trenkwalder, C., Oertel, W., Montplaisir, J.Y., Postuma, R.B.**, Rouleau, G.A.**, & Gan-Or, Z.** 2018 Parkinsonism and Related Disorders
Patient and public involvement in identifying dementia research priorities Bethell, J., Pringle, D., Chambers, L., Cohen, C., Commisso, E., Cowan, K., Fehr, P., Laupacis, A., Szeto, P. & McGilton, K.** 2018 Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Care of community-dwelling older adults with dementia and their caregivers Warrick, N., Prorok, J. C., & Seitz, D.** 2018 Canadian Medical Association Journal
Ethical adoption: a new imperative in the development of technology for dementia Robillard, J.M.**, Cleland, I., Hoey, J.**, & Nugent, C. 2018 Alzheimer's & Dementia
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