Training and Capacity Building (TCB)


LeadDavid Hogan

Program Coordinator: Amanda Duncan

Our mission is to develop the next generation of research leaders and support their efforts in developing increasingly effective approaches to understanding and combating age-related neurodegenerative conditions.

We will accomplish this by recruiting top trainees, tapping into a culture of educational excellence, and facilitating training opportunities. All of this will be made possible through effective partnerships with CCNA investigators, CCNA partner organizations, and post-secondary institutions.


  • Support the overarching CCNA research program;
  • Develop future research leaders in the area of age-related neurodegenerative conditions; and,
  • Build aging and neurodegenerative disorder research capacity in Canada.

Current CCNA Trainees:

More than 80 trainees from a variety of disciplines are now contributing to the work of CCNA teams, platforms, and programs. Based within participating post-secondary institutions throughout Canada, CCNA’s trainees benefit from and contribute to the transformative work of the consortium.


To be recognized as a CCNA-Affiliated Trainee, an individual must be either:

  1. A graduate student (Master’s or PhD) registered full-time or part-time in a Canadian post-secondary institution and working under the supervision of a CCNA investigator member on CCNA related work; or
  2. A postdoctoral researcher* (also known as a Scholar or Fellow) associated with a Canadian post-secondary institution, either registered as a student and/or holding an appointment as an employee, is being mentored by a CCNA investigator member, and is engaged in CCNA related work.

* A postdoctoral researcher is an individual holding a recently completed research doctoral degree (or medical professional equivalent) in a temporary period of mentored research or scholarly training.

The Synapse – The CCNA Training and Capacity Building Program Newsletter



For more information about this cross cutting program, please contact Amanda Duncan.

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