CCNA Trainee Society Registration Form

To register as a member of the CCNA Trainee Society, you must meet the definition of a CCNA-affiliated trainee. Before completing the registration form, please review the definition below.

To be recognized as a CCNA-affiliated trainee, an individual must be either:

  1. A graduate student (Master’s or PhD) registered full-time or part-time in a Canadian post-secondary institution and working under the supervision of a CCNA investigator member on CCNA related work; or,
  2. A postdoctoral researcher* (also known as a Scholar or Fellow) associated with a Canadian post-secondary institution (registered as a student and/or holding an appointment as an employee) who is being mentored by a CCNA investigator member, and is engaged in CCNA related work.

* A postdoctoral researcher is an individual holding a recently completed research doctoral degree (or medical professional equivalent) in a temporary period of mentored research or scholarly training.

* Indicates a field that must be completed

  • The CCNA Trainee Society is on Twitter (@CCNA_Trainees) and Instagram (ccna_ccnv_trainees). If you’d like to join the conversation on social media, please share your usernames with us.
  • To help CCNA-affiliated trainees network with one another, the Training and Capacity Building Program is creating a list of trainees that will be published on the CCNA website. Information will include your name, level of study, institution, CCNA Team/Theme/Program, and contact email.
  • Thank you for completing the registration form. We'll be in touch with a follow-up email. If you have any questions, please contact the CCNA Trainee Society at: