Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE)

Lead: Kenneth Rockwood

Program Manager: Sacha Nadeau

Knowledge Broker (Public Policy focus): Elizabeth Doyle

Our mission is to help accelerate the production and dissemination of knowledge from CCNA’s 20 research teams. We do this by supporting researchers in tailoring information for quick uptake.

Meaningful information comes in a variety of forms:

In order to reach and impact key audiences, the KTE program consults with research teams to understand their work to determine the best knowledge product, activity, or channel(s) to help close the “knowledge to action” gap.

The KTE program is not only aiming to get information out, but to get information in – to have the kind of cycle that makes the science better and makes people’s lives better.  Let us, together, close the knowledge to action gap in dementia research.

Facilitating Conversations –

Between researchers, people with lived experience, front-line care providers, policymakers, and partner organizations – is the cornerstone of CCNA’s KTE program. From determining areas of priority for CCNA’s audiences’ needs to brokering collaborations, the KTE program plays a crucial role in mobilizing knowledge exchange.


  • Foster cross-pollination of ideas within the CCNA
  • Develop KT products of CCNA findings in collaboration with teams to improve the quality of life and care for people with dementia
  • Nurture a “new breed” of researcher by developing and facilitating KTE training and educational resources for researchers and trainees

For more information on this cross-cutting program, please contact Sacha Nadeau.

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