The CCNA’s Knowledge Translation and Exchange program offers a series of integrated webinars. In partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada and hosted by the brainXchange, this series translates existing and new knowledge from the CCNA into improved care policies, practices, procedures, products, and services by meeting the specific needs of individuals with neurodegenerative diseases and their care partners.

  • The target audience includes health care providers (e.g. registered staff and physicians), researchers, policy makers, administrators, educators, and front-line care staff.
  • A priority area is to include a person with lived experience (either a person diagnosed with dementia or a care partner) to provide practical and personalized application of ideas.
  • The primary objective of each integrated webinar event is to offer: opportunities to explore the clinical, educational and practice implications of CCNA-related research findings by providing strategies, support, and practical tools to apply knowledge.

In addition, the webinar platform connects everyone – no matter the topic, the individual’s role, or geographic location – with the goal of sharing products and tools, and expanding networks/communities of practice.